About Us

Fuel Cells 2000′s mission is to promote the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen by supplying accurate, unbiased information and developing and disseminating summary materials accessible to a general audience. Fuel Cells 2000 helps researchers to assess technical and commercial capabilities, suppliers to identify sales prospects, teachers to develop experiments and lesson plans, students to find college and university offerings, graduates to find jobs, investors to identify opportunities, and purchasers to find suppliers. Our materials and information are available free of charge, with minor exceptions. Fuel Cells 2000 is independent and non-aligned, and supports fuel cells of all types for all applications.

Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute* (BTI), a non-profit [501(c)(3)] independent, educational organization that identifies and promotes environmental and energy technologies that can improve the human condition. BTI was established in 1993 to ensure that emerging technologies have a voice in environmental and energy policy debates. Our current focus is on air quality, climate change, energy efficiency, and energy independence. Our programs have won international recognition and numerous awards.


*not affiliated with the Breakthrough Institute