Fuel Cells 2000 is working hard to get the word out about fuel cells! The following articles were written by our staff and published in a variety of industry and end-user magazines and journals and focus on a wide range of fuel cell and hydrogen applications.


Fuel Cells Deliver Power and Savings - Government Product News (September 2014)

California Dreamin' Makes Hydrogen Future a RealityAlternative Energy eMagazine (April/May 2014)

States Keeping U.S. at Fuel Cell ForefrontAlternative Energy eMagazine (January/February 2014)

The Business Case for Fuel Cells - Power Reliability and Savings - Alternative Energy eMagazine (December/January 2014)


Residential Scale Power Generation - Alternative Energy eMagazine (October/November 2013)

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Developments in the U.S. - The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology (Summer 2013)

The Word is "More" for Fuel Cell Buses - Alternative Energy eMagazine (June/July 2013)

A Better Backup: Fuel Cells Drive Cost and Carbon Reduction at Cell Sites - Telecom Era magazine (April/May 2013)

Fuel Cells Backup Critical Infrastructure - Alternative Energy eMagazine (April/May 2013)

Fuel Cells: The Perfect Power Partner - Alternative Energy eMagazine (December 2012/January 2013)


Logistically, Fuel Cells Add Up to Savings - IUV (Industrial Utility Vehicle & Mobile Equipment) magazine (November/December 2012)

States Advance Fuel Cell Growth - Alternative Energy eMagazine (October/November 2012)

Fuel Cells: Providing Power Today and Tomorrow- Critical Materials for Green Energy, an Industrial Minerals publication (September 2012)

Fuel Cells At Ports - GreenPort Magazine (Autumn 2012)

Port of the Future: The Potential of Fuel Cells to Green Our Nation’s Ports - Alternative Energy eMagazine (August/September 2012)

Fuel Cells Set Sail Inland Ports magazine (Issue 3 – July 2012 – pages 4-6)

Partners in Power: Pairing Fuel Cells With Renewables to Change the GridCogeneration & On-Site Power Production (May 2012)

Clean Commerce: How Fuel Cells Can Help Keep Port Emissions at BayPort Technology International (Summer 2012)

Fuel Cell Benefits Drive Repeat Customers - Alternative Energy eMagazine (February/March 2012)


End of Summer Fuel Cell Road Trip - Alternative Energy eMagazine (October/November 2011)

States Drive Impressive Fuel Cell Growth - Alternative Energy eMagazine (June/July 2011)

Turning Waste Into WantInternational Sustainable Energy Review (Issue 1 2011)

Fueling the Future - Industrial Minerals (March 2011)

FuelCell Energy Fuel Cell Systems in CaliforniaAlternative Energy eMagazine (February/March 2011)

A Hot Item in the Deep FreezeCold Facts (January-February 2011)


The Business Case for Fuel Cells - International Sustainable Energy Review (Issue 4 2010)

Supporting Fuel Cells Is Easy- Doing The Things You Already DoAlternative Energy eMagazine (October/November 2010)

Fuel Cell Forklift Fleets - Catching on in a Big Way – IUV Magazine e-newsletter (October 2010)

Fuel Cells Find a Green Home in New HavenAlternative Energy eMagazine (August/September 2010)

Fuel Cells: Flying HighInternational Airport Review (August 2010)

Fuel Cells 2000: Power to the People - Trade and Industry Development (July/August 2010)

The Power of Fuel Cells - International Sustainable Energy Review (July 2010)

State of the States: Fuel Cells In AmericaAlternative Energy eMagazine (June/July 2010)

Clean, Green and Efficient: Fuel Cells Head Home – (Original piece August 2009, updated March 2010)

Fuel Cell Roadtrip!Alternative Energy eMagazine (February 2010)


Fuel Cells Enlist in Armed ForcesAlternative Energy eMagazine (October-November 2009)

Fuel Cells Give New Meaning to “Green Grocer”Alternative Energy eMagazine (August-September 2009)

Hydrogen – Because We Need It!EarthToys (April-May 2009)

Using the Stimulus Package To Create A New Energy InfrastructureEarthToys (February-March 2009)


Renewable Hydrogen Production Technologies – Power Engineering (November 2008), page 17

UTC Power Chalking Up Fuel Cell InstallationsEarthToys (October-November 2008)

Fuel Cells Make Their Rail Debut - International Railway Journal (September 2008)

Alternative-Power ForkliftsRefrigerated Transporter (July 1, 2008)

Fuel Cell Microgrids in the Real WorldElectric Light & Power (July 2008)

In Japan, Home Sweet Fuel Cell HomeEarthToys (June 2008)

Lift Trucks Get Cleaner and LeanerMaterial Handling Management (January 2008)


Fuel Cells Breathe Easy in Great OutdoorsEarthToys (October 2007)

Hydrogen Stations Are Springing Up Everywhere!EarthToys (August 2007)

Fuel Cells Do Some Heavy LiftingEarthToys (June 2007)


Brewing Up New Energy – Modern Brewery Age (Fall 2006)

Fuel Cells Drive Other Applications Besides CarsEarthToys (June 2006)

Different Types of Fuel CellsEarthToys (April 2006)


Toward Tomorrow’s Energy: Speeding the Commercial Use of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen - Co-authored with Peter Hoffman – PPI Policy Report (January 2003)