Education & Careers

Educational institutions play a critical role in advancing fuel cell technologies. Universities around the world have pioneered fuel cell research for decades and have a long history of advancing fuel cells toward commercialization.

Students looking to ace a fuel cell-related test or project should start with this section’s many resources. The materials and links are tailored to any comprehension level and will help students understand the many dimensions of fuel cell technology. Students who want to pursue an internship in the area of fuel cells will also find great information on how and where to get started.

Teachers who want to incorporate fuel cells into their lesson plans will find a wealth of information in this section. There are numerous experiments, grants, contests, and other resources to help teach fuel cells and hydrogen to students of all ages.

Career resources are also included here for current or aspiring fuel cell professionals. Our career page features technical training programs and fuel cell job listings via a host of universities and renewable energy job boards. Also visit the Fuel Cells Group on LinkedIn, managed by Fuel Cells 2000, to find more employment opportunities in the fuel cell industry.