Media Resources

To make navigating our website easier, we have highlighted some of our resources that journalists will find useful.

Local tie-ins – Fuel cells are a local story! Almost every state and DC have some sort of activity going on right now – check out our database of U.S. policy and demonstrations to see what initiatives, vehicle demonstrations, hydrogen fueling stations and fuel cell installations are in your state. See the technology first hand by visiting a hydrogen fueling station or fuel cell installation (like NYC’s Central Park police station) or schedule a visit to a company involved in the industry located near you. There are loads of fuel cell and energy conferences – see if any are in your area. Most conferences offer free press badges to the media and often have fuel cell vehicle ride-and-drives and fuel cell companies exhibiting their technology.

Press Memos - We’ve sent out some trend memos about topics you might be interested in for a larger fuel cell story. We are more than happy to send you more information on any topic that catches your eye, including presentations, reports, references, images, etc.

Background Information - We have compiled some FAQs answering many of the questions people are asking us, and addressing statements that critics are making. Our Conference Presentations contain informative charts and graphs and our Fuel Cell Library has lots of articles, reports and information on fuel cells and hydrogen. We also have an array of fuel cell reference charts that include: Fuel Cell Light Duty Vehicles, Fuel Cell Buses, Fuel Cell Specialty Vehicles, Fuel Cell Materials Handling Equipment, Stationary Fuel Cells at Grocery and Retail Sites, Hydrogen Fueling Stations, Fuel Cell Equity and Investment, Fuel Cell Vehicles vs. Battery-Powered Vehicles, and Honda FCX Clarity vs. 2010 Vehicles.

Our Reports and Case Studies - Fuel Cells 2000’s original reports highlight growing U.S. fuel cell markets and state activities that encourage the deployment of fuel cells. Be sure to see our reports – The Business Case for Fuel Cells 2011: Energizing America’s Top Companies and State of the States: Fuel Cells in America 2011, as well as many other case studies and reports we have written.

Our Articles – We are often asked to write articles published in trade and industry magazines. Read what we have written about growing fuel cell markets in the grocery and telecom industries, about fuel cells for the military, and more.

Fuel Cell Technology Update – To stay on top of the latest news and advancements in all the sectors of the fuel cell industry, subscribe to our free monthly newsletter. The Fuel Cell Technology Update topics include: Transportation, Stationary, Portable/Backup, Micro Fuel Cells, Military, Fuels/Reformers/Storage, Materials/Components/Testing, Reports/Market Studies, Requests for Proposals, and the latest conferences.