Fuel Cells 2000 Resources

Fuel Cells 2000 has many resources to show the wide scope and latest advancements of the fuel cell industry. Our original Reports and Case Studies highlight the companies, governments, states, and incentives that are helping make fuel cells a regular fixture around the world. Fuel Cells 2000′s staff Presentations inform a global audience at conferences each year, and contain useful charts, analysis, and technical information about many aspects of the fuel cell industry.

In this section you will also find our collection of Charts, which includes fuel cell-powered buses, forklifts, and fueling stations, among others. These charts are continually updated, and are a useful snapshot of several fuel cell markets areas. Fuel Cells 2000′s original Articles detail trends in the fuel cell industry and report on what’s new in many different fuel cell markets.

Fuel Cells 2000′s resources go out to end-users and potential customers as well as those in the policy-making community. In addition to being featured in newspapers, magazines, and technical journals, our resources are frequently displayed on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program website.

For information on fuel cells from outside sources, including websites, reports, and journals, please visit our Fuel Cell Library page.