140 Blue Ravine Road
Folsom, California 95630
United States

Rick Burant
Vice President of Sales

Market Segment(s)   Small stationary power

Altergy Systems

Altergy Systems is a manufacturer of fuel cell power systems used in backup electrical power applications such as wireless cell towers and other mission critical applications. Altergy’s Freedom Power™ Systems are clean, green, high-efficiency electric power generators that deliver the power quality, reliability, and on-demand ride-through capabilities required for mission critical applications at competitive prices. 

Altergy is the first and only fuel cell manufacturer to automate PEM fuel cells assembly.  Altergy’s high volume manufacturing line is comprised of off-the-shelf automation equipment, which enables the company to scale quickly, cost effectively, and globally, giving Altergy a major competitive advantage over others that cannot meet the large orders telecom companies require. 

Altergy has approximately 44 million Watts in active and pending deployments, and has achieved more than 6.5 million operating hours for their products.