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Stephen Menendez
International Department Manager
+81(0)90 5364 7527

Market Segment(s)  

FKK Corporation

FKK Corporation is the world number one supplier of combustion components for PEFC and SOFC reformer and burner for pre heating operation, off-gas exhaust as well as mixing.

FKK provide all the Japanese Fuel cell system makers as well well as abroad MCHP PEFC/SOFC systems maker with advanced ceramics igniters allowing long rated life (up to 90000 hours), high reliability, high temperature (up to 1300°C) and good sealing properties (lead wire temperature junction below 150-300°C). With high temperature performance you save energy on start-up burner gas pre heating operation, off-gas burner exhaust gas combustion as well as air preheating.

We can provide
• high temperature ceramic hot surface igniter
• Ignition electrode for sparking and ignition operation
• Busbar (platinium/silver/aluminium)
• High alumina ceramic insulated components