c/o EnergyAgency.NRW
Ross Street 92
Dusseldorf 40476

Dr. Thomas Kattenstein
Head of Network
+49 211 866 42-0

Market Segment(s)   Large stationary power,
Small stationary power,
Motive power,
Portable power

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network NRW

Founded in 2000 as part of the EnergyAgency, NRW the network brings together experienced and new players in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology to jointly promote the development and market introduction.

By intensifying the transfer of knowledge between research and industry, new fields are created, the production and research location NRW strengthened and the technology guided to market introduction.
The Network with over 400 members is part of the Cluster "EnergyRegion.NRW", which is managed by the EnergyAgency.NRW on behalf of the Ministry for Climate Protection of NRW as a strategic platform in NRW with broad expertise in the field of energy.

Objectives are to:
Position North Rhine-Westphalia as an internationally recognized location for the fuel cell and hydrogen technology.

Support the development of the fuel cell and of adapted system components accompanied by a targeted basic research.

Introduction to the market of fuel cell applications as bridges for the mass market.

Support the establishment of a ready-to-market and sustainable hydrogen energy economy.