17 Krokeon Str
Athens 10442

George Lagios
Chief Executive Officer
+30 210 5785455 (Ext. 56)

Market Segment(s)   Small stationary power

Tropical S.A.

Tropical S.A. is a developer of distributed power generation products and solutions.  The company designs, manufactures and sells a broad range of hydrogen and fuel cell technology solutions for residential, commercial, institutional, fixed and portable applications.  Its product portfolio includes fuel cell power systems [PEM - Fuel cell power generators ranging from 1kW to 20kW (Hydrogen, Natural Gas , LPG, Methanol), hydrogen refueling stations (hydrogen from water electrolyser or natural gas), hydrogen metal hydride tanks], electric & fuel cell vehicles [cars, trucks, scooters, bicycles, minibuses, boats & motor yachts] and commercial vehicle A/C and refrigeration systems.  A longtime leader of the A/C and refrigeration systems market with its innovative inverter technology, over the past decade Tropical has made significant investments in the development of fuel cell technologies.