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Patricia Irving

Market Segment(s)   Small stationary power


InnovaTek produces a fuel processing subcomponent that is compatible with all fuel cell types. The company’s market focus is on electric power consumers seeking an eco-friendly, economical, and sustainable alternative for an efficient, clean, secure, and reliable approach to generating power. It is InnovaTek's strategy as a small business and developer of component technologies to form strategic alliances and partnerships with larger, more established companies that are systems integrators and distributors of power systems for the target markets of distributed energy and auxiliary power systems that operate on natural gas or liquid fuels. The company is demonstrating a fuel cell distributed energy system that operates on natural gas and liquid biofuel. InnovaTek has also developed electric vehicle range extenders that operate on ethanol or diesel fuel and portable auxiliary power systems that operate on diesel and jet fuel. Their products include the InnovaGen® fuel processor and fuel processing subsystems, including H2Tek™ reformers, iTek® catalysts, water gas shift reactors, X-Tek™ heat exchangers, InnovaJet ™ fuel injectors, and control systems.